205 Project Space is the student-run gallery of the Hunter College Graduate programs in Studio Art and Art History. The space is managed by two graduate student-run organizations; the Studio Art MFA Student Organization (MFASO) and the Art History MA Student Organization (MASO). The 205 Project Space is located within the Hunter MFA facilities at 205 Hudson Street, 2nd floor.

Current Exhibition

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Geraldine Kang, Qiu Tianyu, Tan Tian, Huang Guaier + Wang Runzhong, Yang Kaihang, Wai Ying Zhao, Lang Zhang, and Zheng Xuan curated by Huang Guaier + Wang Runzhong, and Wai Ying Zhao

March 2 – March 22, 2018

The Reconfigured Selfhood is a group exhibition curated by the collaborative Huang Guaier + Wang Runzhong, and Wai Ying Zhao. The exhibition features works by Geraldine Kang, Qiu Tianyu, Tan Tian, Huang Guaier + Wang Runzhong, Yang Kaihang, Wai Ying Zhao, Lang Zhang, and Zheng Xuan.

These eight young Asian artists/groups, constitute dialogues around how “self-identity” has changed and transformed in contemporary life and artmaking, while intending to create a departure from symbolized narratives of identity-politics. By unfolding their own complex identities, they epitomize the multitudinal examinations of young contemporary artists. At the same time, they consider art as a “writing of tactility,” to provide a cure and reflection on complications of globalization.

The curation of the works in the space is based on various invisible narrative cues, in order to convey a multidimensional conversation among the works. Tan Tian and Yang Kaihang discuss the relationship between artists and the art world in the highly capitalized condition and question what else can artists do about it. Lang Zhang’s and Geraldine Kang’s works start from different perspectives, but their thoughts simultaneously land on the fragmentation of the cities in this digital era. Zheng Xuan and Qiu Tianyu challenge contemporary perceptions of nature and society, complicating our understanding of life and the self. Wai Ying Zhao and art collaborative Huang Guaier + Wang Runzhong both reflect on their anecdotal experience, ponder upon the failure of language in particular contexts, and examine the influence of language as the landscape of knowledge on individuals and communities.

The works of these artists collectively echo with each other. Their distinctive ideologies behind their art forge conversations to resonate the anxiety, fragility and turmoil in the fast-paced evolution of current global circumstances.



Geraldine Kang,邱天瑀,谭天,黄乖儿+汪润中,杨凯航,赵蔚瑛,张浪,郑玄 策展人:黄乖儿+汪润中,赵蔚瑛

03.02 – 03.22.2018

展览《重构的自我》收录了八位来自不同背景、以不同媒介创作的年轻亚洲艺术家/组合的近期作 品。展览立足于“自我身份”这一概念在当代生活和艺术创作中的重组与转变,试图避开符号化的 “身份-政治”叙事,以多重亚裔身份(作为移民、作为艺术家、作为留学的外来者等)作为一个切 面而展开,以期呈现当下年轻艺术家多元化探索的一个细小缩影。同时也是思考艺术作为一种“触 感的书写”,如何为他们所遇到的身份认同、文化冲突等全球化带来的复杂问题提供治愈和反思。

展览的空间逻辑遵循着不同作品之间的隐形叙事线索,从而试图将这些不同的艺术实践置于更为 宏观的视域之下,在作品之间建立多个维度的对话。谭天与杨凯航共同探讨了高度资本化的当下 艺术家与艺术世界的关系,以及质询了我们在这其中还能够做什么;张浪和 Geraldine Kang 以不 同的问题为出发点,思考了移动媒介时代碎片化的城市空间和其中生活着的人,但他们的作品在 形式和概念上都形成了某种呼应;郑玄和邱天瑀将对自我的探索放逐到对生命的理性思索和感性 漂移之中,从而诗意化的揭示了自然与社会、生命与自我的复杂关系;而赵蔚瑛和组合黄乖儿+ 汪润中的作品则都从自我的经历出发,讨论了不同语境下语言的失效,并分别审视了语言作为一 种知识的图景和个体、集体的关系。

同时,这八位年轻的艺术家们彼此之间又形成了整体性的呼应,其背后不同的意识形态相互对 话,共同折射出新状况频繁发生的全球境况下早已司空见惯的焦虑、脆弱和动荡——而这或许将 催生出一种不同于以往的艺术实践上的自主意识。


Past Exhibitions


205 Project Space, the student-run gallery of Hunter College's Studio Art MFA program, is proud to present Six Months In, a group show of second semester MFA students featuring Alexander Bustamante, Amra Causevic, Nurya Chana, Olivia Divecchia, Richard Ess (film screening on Feb. 19), Andrew Foster, Kathleen Granados, Kyoko Hamaguchi, Taylor Laufersweiler, Jameson Magrogan, Tom Morrill, Adam Shaw, Sam Sherman, Noah Stitt, Grant Wells, Maya Yadid. 

The exhibition is open Monday – Friday, noon - 6pm. For inquiries please contact Sam Sherman at: samsherman6@gmail.com

Reception Friday, February 23rd 7-9pm


The inaugural show of the 205 Project Space, Body-Ody-Ody was curated by MA student Olivia Gauthier and featured the work of current and past MFA students alongside artists from outside the program. Featuring the work of Corey Allen, James Bayard, Fran Brauning, Keiran Brennan Hinton, Mauricio Cortes Ortega, Elizabeth Englander, Dan Fig, Jessica Friedman, Jenna Gribbon, Alteronce Gumby, Jazmine Hayes, Michael Jensen, Khari Johnson-Ricks, GB Kim, Eri King, Liz Naiden, and Kristen Racaniello.

The artists in Body-ody-ody evoke the body through various tactics and with an array of objectives. Although their works represent a wide range of approaches to this ubiquitous subject, they all remind us that the human body is central to how we interact with, display, and create works of art. 

From the figurative to the abstract, and somewhere in between, the body is present. The artists’ hand, their reflection, and even their own saliva appear in these works. There are cartoonish bodies, expressionist bodies, dancing bodies, invisible bodies, and apparitions. Whether in overt, subtle, or surprising ways, these works all lead us back to our bodily experience.

Full press release here.